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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of LCL shipping service from China

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of LCL shipping service from China

2021-09-29 15:13

LCL shipping service from China means that goods with more than two tickets are assembled in one container, and it is to be unpacked, distributed, and delivered at the container freight station of the destination. The billing unit of LCL is cubic ton, that is, light cargo is cubic and heavy cargo is ton. Different countries have different calculation standards for light and heavy cargo. The same cargo exported to country A may be light cargo, but if it is exported to Country B is for heavy goods, which must be confirmed clearly during the quotation stage.

LCL shipping service from China

At the same time, LCL shipping service from China can be divided into two ways: direct sales and earning sales. Direct consolidation means that the cargo assembled in the container is loaded and unloaded at the same port of destination, and the container is not unpacked before the cargo arrives at the port. This method has a short transportation time and is convenient and convenient. Transshipment refers to goods in containers that are not at the same port of destination and need to be unloaded or transshipped at the transshipment port. This way of transportation takes a long time and the cost will be high. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of LCL shipping service from China?

Advantages of LCL shipping service from China:

1. It can meet the needs of small-batch delivery customers. In daily foreign trade exports, not all buyers have enough goods for one container, so for customers who purchase small quantities, LCL shipping service from China can just meet their needs.
2. The operation is simple and convenient. Once LCL shipping service from China has the warehouse receipt, you can arrange the warehouse receipt, and then prepare the customs declaration information.
3. The domestic cost is relatively small. Normally, the cost of LCL shipping service from China is only the towing fee and customs declaration fee from the shipping place to the port warehouse. However, if the LCL cargo is a designated freight forwarder, in addition to the trailer fee and customs declaration fee just mentioned, you will find that there will be a lot of additional cost details. This is the difference between a designated freight forwarder and a non-designated cargo.

Disadvantages of LCL shipping service from China:

1. LCL shipping service from China cannot specify a shipping company. The shipping company only accepts bookings for the entire container, but does not accept bookings for LCL bulk cargo. Therefore, the freight forwarder needs to make a booking with the shipping company after the LCL cargo is assembled.
2. The LCL shipping schedule is unstable. Some ports may have two or three boats a week, but some ports only have one boat a week. In the off-season, there may be insufficient cargo on the market, which makes the LCL company unable to open a cabinet. In order to control the cost, the LCL company will cancel the shipping schedule of this week and become a two-week ship. During the peak season, the shipping schedule will be delayed because the locker is not booked. These situations generally do not occur for the whole container, because the shipping schedule for the whole container is much more.
3. LCL cargo needs to be shipped to the LCL company warehouse for internal loading. FCL cargo can be shipped directly in the factory, while LCL cargo is pulled to the port supervision warehouse for the LCL company to arrange the loading.
4. High requirements for cargo specifications and packaging. There are instructions in the warehouse receipt. Products with special specifications must be confirmed in advance. For goods with damaged or deformed outer packaging, a letter of guarantee shall be issued.
5. There will be loss of cabin fee. If the goods cannot be shipped in time due to the consignor’s own reasons, the consignor shall bear the loss of shipping charges.
6. Some partial ports cannot be reached. This is because the volume of LCL cargo arriving at the partial port is too small, and the LCL company cannot afford this cost, so there is no LCL route to the partial port. But we will find that the whole container can be reached by sea.
7. There are many charging items at the port of destination. When we make an inquiry about LCL shipping service from China, we need to confirm with the freight forwarder, so that the freight forwarding company can provide the destination port charging standard, so that we can know it well, so if the destination port agent has arbitrary charges, we can complain of.

The above is the relevant content of the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of LCL shipping service from China. I hope it will be helpful to you, and you are welcome to comment and supplement.



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